This is my first week at wpmudev and I am a bit unsure if


This is my first week at wpmudev and I am a bit unsure if it is the right fit for me as many of the plugins that are really great revolve around Multisite and right now I am not working on any MS Projects however there might be a part of WPMUDEV which could be very useful to me and this is the live support option on any wordpress issue.

I am a freelancer and I make premium theme based Websites for my clients. Mostly I use Themeforest Themes with Visual composer as my preferred D&D Editor to create the sites and also to allow my clients easy editing of the website after it is finished.

Often I run into problems while making the sites for my clients. Typical problems might relate to minor customization that I make (mostly css, integrating other premium plugins etc.)

I am wondering if the support team here really doesn’t mind if most of my request relate to non-WPMUDEV products but are more about other themes/plugins and general wordpress questions in the area of theming/design etc.

I understand that you offer help for ANYTHING related to wordpress but I don’t want to be pushing your buttons If I keep asking questions about other products and wordpress instead.

From what I read on the net you guys have excellent support and I’d really love to be able to get help on these topics when I need it.

Thanks for your Help