This is not what I am looking for… i think

Hi there,

probably the reason that moved me to sign for a membership of this site was this plugin.

I am running several small networks and I was looking for a plugin which make two things:

— A site map for all the blogs of the network that upadte itself automatically with new posts and so on. but just ONE site map. the structure should be:


the files of blog 1

blog 2

the files of blogs 2

blog n

the files of blogs n

— The second reason is that I wanted a sitemap for humans. So I could have just ONE page called sitemap which is linked from the footer of the rest of the blogs and it serves to human users to find their way inside the network. This sitemap off course should get updated automatically when new posts and pages are published in any of the blogs of the network.

At the moment, using this plugin I just got as many sitemaps as blogs has a network. That leads to errors because several of those networks are not on the root directory.

In the other hand I do not get a “sitemap for humans” so users have a hard time to find their way inside the network and depend just on the breadcrumbs

Am I using in a wrong way this plugin or perhaps I am mislead for the title of the plugin?

Is (are) there plugins here that build a sitemap for humans with the file of the whole network?