this is suggestion for a potential solution of an existing bug

Please note that when Status plugin would add the core wordress tag: [embed]...[/embed] to the pasted video link of 3rd party (youtube, vimeo etc...) then non admin user such as authors could display their youtube video player in their published post and the youtube code not be stripped off leaving the post empty of the youtube video.

So I paste: - into the Status windows and when I preview or just by refresh or at the moment of posting the plugin Status adds the wordress tags : [embed][/embed
And it works very nicely for non admin users the same. The youtube video display fully nicely in the post published by the non admin user. This currently works manually adding the tag in the Status window just around the youtube video link. So it is only a point of automatizing this tagging when pasting a youtube or other such party video links.

  • Michelle Shull
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    Hi, cif!

    That's a great suggestion! I think the root of the issue has to do with user permissions, in a vanilla WordPress install, only Authors and up can embed anything, posting the YouTube share link instead of embedding it is the work around in that area, too.

    Moving this to Features & Feedback, where it will be easier for our devs to find.

  • cif
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    Well I am glad I helped. My original thread asking for support did not get a reply yet
    I hope we see an plugin update just to enable wp core embed of third party videos working in short time. This at least would, on its own, justify status plugin having a video tab (since as of now this one is only useable for admin which means not grounded) since status is to be used to build a multi-users publishing community.

  • cif
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    Actually I just tested BuddyPress Activity Plus and this is exactly what it does. In other words the above idea is already coded by Incsub The same developers I assume. The BuddyPress Activity Plus has likely been ported as Status for any theme and w/o buddypress. My safe assumption. In any case these two do the same. Now if you look the behavior of BuddyPress Activity Plus then you see that it ask for the third party video link to be pasted (in its video tab) and then upon posting displays the youtube player with the video pasted (meaning added the damn wp core [embed] tags).
    I really think that status should do that even if you want it to do something else with video which I do not know what when not for the admin. And status is not an admin plugin as I am concerned.
    Hope we can make this Status progress further from there.

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