This is to do with my Gridmarket, (Etsy Style)

I am not getting the look or feel of the (Etsy Style) here with this Gridmarket.

I created two "fake stores" to in my admin panel. These two stores I created stay within my Fapey store on the front page.

I went in and registered on my Fapey site with my husbands email address and it sent him a confimation email and wham his store was setup. Well it did not ask for any form of payment etc:, we set him up a store and it does not even show on my Fapey site at all. It also has stuff to do with WP at the bottom, which I do not want.

So how is this an Etsy Store? Etsy is a store of it's own, where members register then are alerted that a percentage will be charged each transaction. Then those members create their own store with their products inside the Etsy store.

No where does this even reassemble an Etsy store unless you create the store yourself for the customer.

* The only benefit I did find was that if the customer wanted to set things in their own store to Global Products, it looks like they could earn extra money by helping others sell their products?

I am almost finished with the store except for these last final THREE things that are not matching up.

1. Etsy style store

2. Will not show all my products on Left hand side of column.

3. I cannot change my "GridMarket Theme" from custom to modern etc: