This might be a stupid question...but... do you find a list of all the people attending the various courses - including who has paid and who has merely expressed a "maybe" or "i'll be attending" but hasn't booked?

I must be blind but I can only see lists of events, not anything about who is attending the various courses.

If it isn't there, where do I get an overview of all the courses and how many people are attending so I can see where my marketing efforts need to concentrate.

Basically how do I manage the course attendee information????

Am I missing something really obvious????

  • Karen


    Thanks for that.

    Yes I saw that there is an RSVP function (after I posted) - BUT...

    (1) you have to go into each event to see the list for that event
    ...BUT with over 40 events, that isn't feasible to do as a management tool).

    (2) it tells you who has not paid and you can send a reminder
    ...BUT you can't add any text to that email - it just goes without the opportunity to add anything - and I just sent a test and have no idea of the content of it - Why can't you tailor the message for recipients? You might want to add a coupon, say how many days to the event, offer a discount if done in next 24 hours - anything basically.

    What is missing?
    The plug in seems to assume you are either running a small number of events (and are happy to move to each one and open it up, then move to another event - very time-consuming).

    There is no OVERVIEW of attendance at ALL your EVENTS.
    Eg 40 events - how many overall (across all courses) are attending? how many on average per event, sort events by the numbers paid/saying I'm attending, sort by event title (are 3 going to the first date and 12 to the second - making one viable to run and one not - so you might need to move people from one event to another date, etc.

    ie There is no thought given to a large number of events, where you have dealings with attendees and it is more than just taking their money.

    What is required (to MANAGE the events):
    You need to have some list in the sidebar to see ALL course/event attendees and then be able to open up the particular event from there and email all the not-yet-paid people.

    The ability to sort (as per notes above) over ALL your events - get an overview of ALL attendance (paid, I'm attending, maybe, nos, # visits to the event site) etc.

    There should also be the ability to email the attendees who have paid (what to bring, when to arrive, ask for dietary restrictions etc so they come prepared). That's what we do for our courses. They don't just turn up - we keep them informed as the time gets closer.

    Suggestions for better management of the Events function. For organisations that are running a BUSINESS - we need QUICK AND EASY management tools - not labour-intensive ways that mean you have to go into each event to check who is attending. FYI.

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