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Alright, is on a network/MU, with just the one site but having MU to be able to use plugins. Previously I was using “All in One SEO” but that doesn’t seem to work properly, so do I need to be using WPMU DEV SEO, and if so, do I install on the network or on the site level? I want all of my writers to be able to utlise it when they post articles.

  • DavidM
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    Hi y3kgeek,

    You don’t absolutely need WPMU DEV SEO, but knowing how it works and what it does, I’d definitely advise it. :slight_smile:

    As far as activation, it would need to be network activated and with that you’ll see the bulk of configuration options on the Network Admin page under Settings > WPMU DEV SEO.

    You’d also then have options individually for each post, in the visual editor, available throughout your network. So users could easily customize the most important aspects of SEO for each article.



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