This page in Upfront/Fixer is only showing code.

Hey Folks,

This page in Upfront/Fixer is only showing code. Can you take a look?


I went ahead and enabled support access.



  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for posting on the forum and granting the support staff access.

    I logged in to your site and found in the Blog page content you have added the shortcodes as shown in the attached screenshot therefore it's displaying in the front end.

    Please try removing this code from the blog page content.

    You can see it's working fine in dev mode by visiting the URL which displays the site removing your customization.

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • Greg

    @Vinod Dalvi

    Update . . . I adjusted the /blog again to were it is good enough . . . but . . .

    /register, /memberships, and other pages are not working and also they appending the /blog info or replace it with the /blog info. It is just pretty crazy and does not make any sense. Also, from /blog the Contact and About link menu does not work (but does on the homepage).

    Pages either append the /blog info before the real content or sometimes the real content of pages do not even show up (or refresh the current page and goes nowhere).

    Can you please let me know?


  • Ash

    Hello @Greg

    I hope you are well today.

    The contact and about link doesn't work in other pages, because you don't have contact and about section in any other pages. It's only in home page. If you want to keep those in home page only, you can directly link to that section, like:

    About the register, membership pages, would you please disable maintenance plugin and try as a logged out user, instead of as admin?

    Please let us know how it goes.


  • Greg


    Yea. It seems simple enough right . . . big smile. But, when I use a full url on the homepage for the anchor like that it will not work at all. So, on the homepage I used Upfront's actual "Anchor" type dropdown menu for the homepage. So, the homepage is fine.

    However, on /blog and other related pages the menu element is different than the homepage (require s separate setup because the homepage menu is not global). I did not use the "Anchor" type element because of the reason you stated and the link/anchor is located on the homepage. So, for the /blog page top menu (and other related pages/posts that pull from that top bar menu element) I used a full url that is suppose to snap the per to the homepage and then down to the anchor point (i.e. About or Contact). But, what I mean is that that /blog menu will not work even with a full url for the anchor.

    Does that help put it more in perspective for you?

    In the meantime, I will try the logging out for the membership pages etc too and let you know later.

    Please let me know about the anchor info above with that additional info.



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