Three dots

Please let me know how to get rid of three dots in excerpts.



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    Hello mariusht,

    I was checking through old threads while I came across this one.

    The 3 Dots, which are commonly known as ellipsis can easily be removed. We just have to be sure, where we are trying to remove them from.

    In the above screenshot, I see that you are trying to remove it from the service blocks on the theme home page.

    Please follow the below steps in order to change it as per your choice :-

    If you are using Service Mode:-

    1: Download service-mode.php from here wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/lib/templates/wp-template and take a backup in case the things are messed up.

    2: Open the file in a text editor and find this code

    $com_short = $tn_blogsmu_text1;
    $chars = 200;
    $com_short = $com_short . " ";
    $com_short = substr($com_short,0,$chars);
    $com_short = substr($com_short,0,strrpos($com_short,' '));
    $com_short = $com_short . "...";

    3: Replace it with this one (I have used 400 characters in this example) - Yes, you can also change the number of characters displayed on the service blocks

    $com_short = $tn_blogsmu_text1;
    $chars = 400;
    $com_short = $com_short . " ";
    $com_short = substr($com_short,0,$chars);
    $com_short = substr($com_short,0,strrpos($com_short,' '));
    $com_short = $com_short . "Three Dots are now replaced with WPMUDEV Rocks";

    4: Click here and see this in action

    I would like you to make a note of the below,

    The home page can currently feature only 9 blocks and we will have to do this for any blocks we are willing to make changes to.

    You can search for tn_blogsmu_text and you will find the codes to modify easily.

    If you are using Post Mode

    1: Download post-mode.php from wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/lib/templates/wp-template and take a backup

    2: Look for this code <?php the_excerpt_feature( $excerpt_length=20 )?>...

    3: Replace it with this one <?php the_excerpt_feature( $excerpt_length=20 )?>WPMU DEV Rocks

    4: Save it, upload it and refresh the page, and I am sure you are gonna love it :slight_smile:

    I hope that the explanation provided by me helped you and get you fixed here.

    PS : I checked the website, its fun :slight_smile: and yes, we have got the latest version of the theme released 1.3.6 You can use our Dashboard Plugin to update it :slight_smile:


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    Heya mariusht,

    Did you find time to look into it and see if that works fine for you ?

    PS : We have recently released the new update of the Blogs MU theme, I would request you to update the theme so as to avoid any changes been overwritten, alternatively, you can use Child theme to make these customizations so as you do not lose them with theme updates


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    Hi there @mariusht

    Just checking in on behalf of @PC to see if there is anything else that we can assist with. Did you get sorted or are there still issues outstanding that needs to be addressed?

    Since we haven't heard back from you with an update in a while, I will go ahead and resolve this topic, but please don't hesitate to reopen it should you still require additional support from us. Just select the 'Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)' box below the post area (otherwise we might miss your new post).

    All the best and hope you got rid of the 3 dots!


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