Three problems with WordPress


Last time I received amazing support from you guys, so I thought that I will try one more time. I have 3 problems with WordPress or acutally with my theme.

1. Recently I added new module to my homepage through Nexus Homepage Builder. It’s called “Add Recent Posts From Several Categories”. Everything works fine, but I don’t know how to translate “Load more posts…” (marked on picture). I searched that in my .po file but can’t find it. I just want to translate “Load more posts…” to “Wi?cej…”. Same problem is with mobile version of website/theme where I want translate “Navigation Menu” to “Menu”. How can I fix that?


2. My theme has mobile version and I have widget called “Nadchodz?ce premiery” (marked on picture) in my sidebar. I want to hide it on mobile devices (it takes to much time to load it and page is too long).


3. After last modification of theme code from this thread ( time to time my writers see error like this one on picture. Except that, it happens that I can’t add image to my post (I use WP Smush PRO). After compression I click Add and nothing happens and I must click it few times until image shows in post.


I hope it’s not too much in one post :wink: I really count on your help!