Thrive Leads with WPMU Themes

Dear WPMU DEV Team,

i installed the paid plugin Thrive Leads from Thrivethemes.

The installation of the plugin works fine but when i try to build an op- in form with the Thrive Leads Plugin the plugin is loading for ever and nothing happens.

Maybe its a compatibility issue with Upfront and the Thrive Content Builder Engine....

please help me.

Thank you in advance

best regards

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Patrick,

    Can you grant support access so we can have a closer look?

    You can grant support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Grant Support Access.

    If possible, it would be great if you could send a copy of the plugin to us as well. Then we can test it further as we don't have access to it.

    You can send it directly to - make the subject line Attn: Tyler Postle

    That ensures that it will get assigned to me.

    Your assumption does sound like it is likely the case here as it's pretty common for two builders to conflict. We'll confirm it and then see what we can do from our end to resolve it :slight_smile:

    Talk to you soon!


    PS. After you grant access reply back on this ticket otherwise we won't be notified.

      • Tyler Postle
        • CGO

        Hey Patrick,

        I tested your site with the default 2016 theme and it looks like the "edit design" for a thrive opt-in form still loads forever. It doesn't look like Upfront is the issue here. I've left the test opt-in I created just in-case you wanted to try it and make sure it gave same behaviour you were seeing before.

        Have you tried reaching out to Thrive's support? They may be more familiar with this issue. I'd also recommend doing a full plugin conflict test by deactivating all other plugins and then checking again if the Thrive design editor loads or not.

        I checked my inbox and I haven't received the plugin yet, did you send it? I could still give it a try on my sandbox if you were interested in knowing whether it works for me or not :slight_smile:

        Make sure you send directly to:

        and make the subject line: "Attn: Tyler Postle"

        Talk to you soon!


    • Tyler Postle
      • CGO

      Hey Patrick,

      Thanks for sending that in. Looks like it requires a license key in order to even use it so I'm unable to test it on my install; however, given that it wasn't working on your install in the default theme either, I do still think that it must either be a conflict with one of your other plugins or a bug within the plugin itself. If you would like me to troubleshoot it further on your install then you can send me in your FTP credentials.

      You can send that privately through our contact form:

      Select "I have a different question" for your topic - this and the subject line ensure that it gets assigned to me.

      Send in:

      Subject: "Attn: Tyler Postle"
      -WordPress admin username
      -WordPress admin password
      -login url
      -FTP credentials (host/username/password)
      -link back to this thread for reference
      -any other relevant urls

      **If you keep support access active then no need to send in wp-admin

      Keep in mind that the eventual solution will likely need to come from the Thrive Leads team as our developers won't be familiar with the plugin at all, but knowing what the conflict is may help you get faster assistance from them :slight_smile:

      As for this issue:

      I implemented a webinarjam registration button (it's an HTML code) but it seems it is not working like it suppose to work.

      I'm seeing that on my install as well. I'm going to ping one of our Upfront developers on this and see what we can do to get form working properly :slight_smile:

      Either myself or a the developer will reply back here once they get a chance to investigate further.


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