Ticketing Workflow for Variant-based Products


so i spent a few days trying to configure MarketPress and Events + to run together in order to sell tickets for an event, which are based on a single product with multiple variants (i.e., adult, senior, kids, etc).

And before I head off from the plugin in defeat, I just want to make REALLY sure that it can't do what I need...

I sell a product with three variants (adult, kids, and seniors) for the same event; I want the users to be presented on the event page with either a) a section with text boxes corresponding to the variant choices (all of them), or a BUY tickets now button that goes to a page that shows the same thing.

Right now, it appears that I can only allow the user to select a single variant option from the dropdown, which they must repeat without any visual feedback to show what they have purchased, or they go to the cart, have to come back, and do it again, etc.

Hope that makes sense.

Any advice is super welcome! :slight_smile: