Tickets not being assigned, no email sent

I am doing a test. I logged in as a editor in another browser and submitted a support ticket. In the settings I have my admin user as the default assignee and my email in place for notifications of new tickets but when I look at the tickets list this new ticket is unassigned, and the email has not arrived in ten minutes. If I go into the ticket and use the dropdown to assign the ticket to myself and click save, it comes back still unassigned. I can, however, assign it to another administrator. What's happening? Why is it not assigning the ticket to me when I am set as the default in settings? Why can't I assign it to myself? etc etc... Also, upon assignment to my other admin, which uses one of my own other email addresses, there is no notification sent to that email address of the ticket being assigned. Should there be? Seems like it should happen, or else the assignee would never know he had a ticket to work.