Tickets Not in Dashboard, Plus Woocommerce Shipping Set Up

Hello, I was originally submitting tickets like this one through the dashboard inside the sites i was working on but now for some reason they do not appear in the dashboard. they look like they submit OK but are never to be seen again so i can only assume you are not receiving. So i guess that is the first issue.

Woocommerce Shipping Rates:

I am trying to set up two flat rate shipping options. one for US and other international. The us flat rate seems to work ok but get a little confused when setting up the international when it says select countries or all countries etc...

Finally, i would like to charge an extra $1 in shipping for every additional product and have view some videos on how to do this by setting up the shipping classes but my features seem to differ to the attached flat rate options. Can you please advise? See attached screenshot.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you.