Tier Levels at membership2 PRO…. please advice

Hey Support-Team,

we are wondering HOW and WHERE do we select the different tiers while setting up our memberships?

This is what the Manual suggest:

If you want to created a tiered system, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans, you’ll create a standard membership for each tier you want to offer.


FirstTime membership would be our lowest level

GOLD membership would be the next higher one…

PREMIUM membership would then be the next higher one…

PLATINUM membership finally is the top one with full access.

Now, when setting the protection levels we are wondering how does m2 PRO recognized e.g. academy needs FirstTime (which we select and if this membership level is set that automatically the other memberships have access to the content too?

Does this question makes sense?

Please be so kind and give us novices more insight.

Big thanks for your attention.