Time Out Problem at checkout with Appointments+ and Marketpress


I believe I have a timeout problem with Marketpress and Appointments+. I’ve had an appointment today and one a few weeks ago which my customers said acted strange and when I look on my system the Appointment is in removed but an order has been created.

I have my pending appointments set to be removed after 20 mins. I think what has happened is my customer has got to the checkout page (the final step) and then got distracted and come back and clicked confirm. (The error doesn’t happen on the cart page it correctly takes it out of the basket when the customer continues) Unfortunately the system seems to still process the order and my appointment is in removed. It shouldn’t even process and give an order number but it has

I’ve replicated this by placing an order myself on the site.

Support are welcome to go in and test but my pending appointments are now set to 60 mins to try and minimise this problem.

Kind Regards