TIME SENSITIVE: Can register, but I don't get logged in

Really trying to get this working

on this page you register https://www.mindfulscience.es/suscripcion-mensual-registro/

then you are redirected to https://www.mindfulscience.es/suscripcion-mensual its this page that should only show the payment form and it will if the system recognizes that I am logged in. I am trying to integrate this gravity form with Restrict Content Pro.. I had this working weeks ago and now I can’t figure out how to get the system to recognize I am logged in after I register.

This is the tutorial I am using https://beckydavisdesign.com/integrating-gravity-user-registration-with-restrict-content-pro/

And that’s what I have setup.

Please help, this is time sensitive, been working on this since midnight, setting up form, styling etc.,

Thanks in advanced.