Time slot creation/control and recurring appts.

I want to have 60 minute appointment time blocks, but some start at the half hour, ie 6:30. If I make a small increment of time block ie 15 minutes it appears I can not control when the appt starts. The client could pick a start time at any avail 15 min increment, whereas I want say 7:30 or 8:30, 9:30 starts only for 60 min appt. How can I set this up.
2. Is it possible for a client to request and get recurring appts. i do coaching and often it is an every other week, same time for 3 months. can this be done (I am not a programmer :slight_smile:
Thanks!! Looking forward to hearing back

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    1. Did you already read FAQ? Doesn't this help?

    How can I force the schedules start at a non standard time, for example 9:15?
    Add these codes inside functions.php of your current theme (9.25 is not a typo; that is because 15/60=0.25):
    function new_starting_hour( $start ) {
    return 9.25;
    add_filter( 'app_schedule_starting_hour', 'new_starting_hour' );

    2. Recurring appointments is not possible for the client. But with MarketPress integration, adding several appointments to the cart are possible.


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