Time Slots Don't match from front end to backend + Appointments going straight to removed

I have 3 different problems that are crucial to be fixed.

1) Their appointments are set to a max of two per time slot. I booked two separate appointments for 11:03 am as a test. On the front end, the 11:03 am slots shows as busy as it should. But the problem is, 10:48 am should still be available.

2) This is another big problem. The time slots on the backend don’t match the front end. We were provided a customized file to make these custom time slots. It doesn’t work if we can’t update / change an appointment time on the backend. Defiantly need a fix for this.

3) Extratech.ca are saying that both Brian To and Dennis Arndt appointments went straight into removed appointments. They get the notification email. But when they click on it there is nothing under pending or completed appointments. They go right into removed appointments on their own. Again, this is a major problem that needs to be fixed.