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I was wondering if there was

a. A way to add the current time above the hours selection boxes? Or add a line stating hours showed in blank Time Zone?

The reason why I’m asking is because our clients could come from all over the world, we currently have it set as UTC-4 from general settings (Eastern Time) on wordpress. Then our client can make that adjustment on what time to make that appointment.

b. Any thoughts about a future feature to add a drop down for them to pick a time zone? And then the times will adjust accordingly for that.


  • kenergizer
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    Hey, Hakan!

    Is there an update to this? We are in Bangkok and our Blog is set for USA Eastern Time. We need–at the very least–a way for A+ to provide a notice that “all times are in xxx zone”.

    How can we implement that to at least provide sanity to our users?

    Is there any other solution for someone to see the time in their time zones without messing up the times all over the rest of the website?



  • Paul
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    Here’s what I’m doing. It may help you. Place this code in your functions.php file….It’s set for Pacific Time, but you can edit that….just look at the widget code where “?h=8” (that “8” represents -8 UTC or Pacific time, so, 5 would represent Eastern time).

    // ADD custom code inside appointment confirmation
    function my_app_function($script) {

    $test = date_i18n('m/d/Y', $appointments->start); //'12/13/2014'; // NEED VARIABLE
    $appt_date = '12/13/2014'; // NEED VARIABLE
    $appt_time = '14:00'; // NEED VARIABLE

    $add = '<style>.appointments-confirmation-wrapper div.wtb-ew-v1 span{ display:block !important;width: auto !important;}</style>
    <span style="clear:both;">Confirm Your Time Zone</span>
    <div class="wtb-ew-v1">
    <script src="http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/event_widget.js?h=8&md='. $appt_date .'&mt='. $appt_time .'&ml=0.50&sts=0&sln=0&wt=ew-lt"></script><i><a target="_blank" href="http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/">Time converter</a> at worldtimebuddy.com</i><noscript><a href="http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/">Time converter</a> at worldtimebuddy.com</noscript><script>window[wtb_event_widgets.pop()].init()</script>
    <br />';
    return $script.$add;
    add_filter( 'app_additional_fields', 'my_app_function' );

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