Timeout On Plugin Holding Up Big Project For Us, HELP!

Hey guys, i have removed some of your plugins from this live site of our client, but wanted to reach out to you experts as I have no idea where else to go. We are trying to implement a theme, product filters, and overall better experience for our client and migrations have been trying for two weeks with absolutely no luck whatsoever. Its a WooCommerce site so you guys may tell me to go get bent, and id be ok with that. Here is the major problem.

No matter which theme we activate or use the product filters we installed works great on dev site, but when we try to add same product filter to live site and go to WooCommerce>Settings>Product FIlters we are unable to get to the tab, it takes forever then goes to a white blank screen or gives us a 501 error. Im at my whits end to get our filters to work and wanted to see if I could possibly pick a pros brain, or is there a plugin to help me with finding this issue. I feel it may be a plugin, theme, or something causing the problem and I may be wrong, but would appreciate any help whatsoever at this point and appreciate it much in advance!

I also wanted to see if the Site Cloner plugin works for single site. If we are unable to find issue without taking down the store during shopping hours, i would like to have an exact replica of the site on a different server so we can tear it down to prep for yet another night of getting these guys up. Im fairly new and active member, so truly hope im not breaking any guidelines for asking about woo/plugin issue that doesn't belong to you guys!

Thanks a million in advance, and sorry hope I didn't bore you to tears i tried to make it short.