Times are messed up when clocks go back (or forwards), using Google Calendar and Appointments+


I am in the UK and so currently on British Summer Time (BST) AKA "Daylight Saving Time" (DST). On October 26 our clocks go back one hour and we will then be on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

I use A+ and have the integration with Google Calendar.
My Google Calendar is set to UK time (Google calls this GMT:+00:00 London even though strictly we're not on GMT at the moment).

My WP install is on London time and is correctly working on DST at the moment, ready to change in a month's time.

Every March and October when our clocks go forward or back I find that my appointments get changed. It isn't easy for me to describe what happens because I have a lot of appointments and I think my administrator has already corrected some of them 'manually'.

But right now, for example, all my appointments for October 28 that were created by A+ are correct in A+ on WP but are an hour earlier on the Google Calendar. However, the appointments created on Google Calendar are correct and haven't 'moved'.

Does anyone understand what is going wrong? Has anyone else experienced this - and if so, can you describe the problem in better clarity than I can? Is it a bug or something I've got wrong in my set up?


  • starkie

    Just a little more info on this:

    So I described that my appts are 1 hour behind where they should be in Google Calendar. (i.e. they are at 10.30am in Google and 11.30am in A+). If I change the time in Google Calendar to 11.30am, it moves to 12.30pm in A+ and if I try to fix in A+ then it just goes back to 10.30am in Google Calendar.

    NB the appointments that are problematic are ONLY the ones that occur AFTER the clocks go back on October 26.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @starkie,

    Hope you're well today, both myself and the lead developer have been discussing this.

    When you book a appointment is uses your current time zone, when the time zone changes, your appointments will change times, due to the time zone changes in WP and this is reflected in Gcal.

    This is similar to how sites like eBay work, for instance if you list a item to end at 8am, but it goes to BST before the item ends, it will end up at 9am.

    I hope this makes sense and if we can help clarify in anyway please don't hesitate to ask.


    Kind Regards

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