Timestamp not correct bug


I think there is a bug in Marketpress which makes the timestamp not using Local Time but the UTC time (or server time).

I am using WP3.4.2, Marketpress 2.7.

For the record the PHP server time() is the UTC time (Changing server time is not an option).

But I need to use Local Time in my website. My website is a multisite sub-site setup. I've checked the Local time settings in both this website and the main site is using Local Time (GMT +8).

In the Front End "Track Your Order" the time for Shipped, Paid, Received is all UTC time.

In the Backend "Marketpress -> Manage Order" also displaying UTC time.

In the "Order email" sent to the recipient, time also displaying UTC time.

I've followed instruction from another thread about this and added
into marketpress.php and it did works miracale and changed the front end and back end date to Local Time.

But the time on the Order Email still displaying UTC.

Please help to rectify this bug asap.