Tips for WP MU Dev team

Hi all,

Here's some nitpicking from Amsterdam . Hope you can use it.

1. Hey, you're not a member

After you sign up for one year (and then cancel PayPal subscription) and install the Update Plugin, a big block of HTML with a video in it says "Become Member". Eh, that's just what I did.

2. Have another look at your search

Searching on your site is sometimes erratic. Two examples.

A. general search

Choosing or searching through for a theme or plugin returns a search result that I know from the nineties :slight_smile: You make no distinction between NAME of the plugin/theme and the description.

This leads to long lists. For example, I forgot the name of the Easy Blogging theme/plugin and just typed Easy. You must use this word a lot, because only the 19th result gave me what I wanted

B. forum search

Try this:

If you click on results called Recent Posts ? all is fine. But don't click on Relevent Posts ? (how ironic that I am the one who is pointing out a typo, Relevant!) you get a general link to

3. Dependencies

Would be great if you included some dependencies . I mean this: if you download Marketpress, show in a box what themes are great for Market Press.

Just my two cents.

4. Edit, yeah just did that

If you edit a post and click on Edit Post to edit your post, the only way to save this is to click on Edit Post. <strike>See screenshot:</strike> - it seems you can't upload a screenshot after an edit, another nitpick! Oops, the Strike code isn't working, another one :wink: Screenshot is here then:

5. Try to personalize your ads/suggestions

The upgrade plugin isn't quite intelligent. Just after I upgraded MarketPress, a big banner says
- Have you checked out the new upgrades to MarketPress and Membership?

Learn from Debian or any other repository :slight_smile: It should be easy to check out what versions your customer runs and respond properly :slight_smile:

Hope you can use this