Title and Description Not Showing When I Share a Link from a Sub-Site

Dear Team WPMU:

I've got a problem similar to the one mentioned here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/issue-after-update-social-share-title-and-url-default-to-homepage-not-post-page

However, no solution was ever provided there, so I'll post again.

Basically whenever I try and copy and paste a URL from a sub-site into the Facebook status box, I get a link to the root / home and NOT the Title and Description for the post. For example, try this:


The same is true if I use the Jetpack Share button from that page.

Please find attached a screenshot.

Note: this is NOT true for any link shared from the root website. For example, this works fine:


Screenshot also attached.


Many thanks for your help.