TML - Themed Profiles module overrides Logout Redirect Function

I'd like my contributors to be able to access their extended profile fields from the front end and Theme My Login has a 'Themed Profile' module that gives me the functionality I need.
However it overrides Logout Redirects custom logout redirection.

I realize this is probably a question for the other plugin dev but I didn't have the redirect module in TML enabled so it shouldn't do that.

I figure I may be able to enable the TML redirect module and then manually set the logout path that WPMU's plugin is trying to pass but I don't think TML's fields will accept php variables.

I'm open to suggestions for a whole different solution for login/logout. One that allows logins with email, or username, or facebook, or google, but that requires addresses and phone numbers. Integrates with Buddypress' Members listings. Has a reCaptcha before registering would be nice but not required, and allows custom redirection. It should ideally have a widget with a password reset, login/logout/register buttons.

Of course we could skip all this if there is a way to allow users to edit Xprofile AND appointments+ fields from their Buddypress member page at /members/$user/