To Aristath: Still troubles with the Events+ plugin

Hey aristath

I did post this in the other topic, but you has marked that as solved. So I post it here.

I seriously need your help again with the event+ plugin. If you go into my site, you can see it in the menu and the backend. But there are some things that do not work. Those extra addons you can activate. You can see the addons I have activated. There are login with google+, twitter and facebook. But I cant see them on the site.
I have also enabled the events from facebook and google+, but you can not see that option to add them either.
And I have enabled the frontend editor and have giving my subscribers the ability to add new events. But it is not displayed. I need to make an extra page with the shortcode for adding a new event, even that I has enabled to add new events on the default slug page. So it should not be necessary with the shortcode also, am I right.

And you cant not see the widgets, even if that are placed on the page.

I did change the slug back to events, because it did display it on the page. But I thinks that there are still some conflicts. Will you look at it. You can access my backend. If you change anything, please dont delete it again. I would be happy if you would let your changes be, so I can see, what you have done.