to multi-site or not

It sounds like multi-site is a good a solution. I noticed that a lot of your plugins are based around mult-sites. Unforunately most of my clients are not multi-site. I do plan to build a community of hosted sites. Any advise would be appreciated...

  • PC


    Thanks for posting on the forums and @gabe for chiming in on this one :slight_smile:

    It sounds like multi-site is a good a solution

    Yes, but it depends on what you are looking for.

    If you want to manage all your clients under one roof, or are planning to create your own network of sites, then multisite is for you.

    As Gabe already suggested, if you can let us know what you are looking for, we will be in a better condition to provide feedback :slight_smile:

    Cheers, PC

  • 1ronin

    I apologize for the any guess work. I am new to the whole concept. Yes, I would like to create my own network of sites. It does sound like multisite is a good solution; however, if I have already created these site independently along with my current site what tool and or action do you guys recommend? I am not opposed to rebuilding my site (primary) but definitely my clients since they have been up and running.

    If this turns out to be the best option, is it possible to span a multisite across multiple web servers?

  • crazycoolcam

    If the majority of your clients are websites/blogs and the site owners are the only users aside from yourself, then this would work perfectly.

    I ran into a situation where multisite was not the best fit because I was trying to build multiple membership sites with a shared user base, and the membership plugin (not from wpmu) would not link to the multisite members properly.

    Multiple single installs worked best in my scenario that were tied together under one domain and the user-sync plugin (from wpmu) :slight_smile:

    From what you describe, multisite should work and you can export/import each of your client sites into the wp multisite installation.

    It is possible to span multisite over multiple web servers, but that is beyond my skill level.


    --You could always test out a multisite setup on a test server/environment to experiment if it would work.

  • PC

    You can use multisite and whenever you add one client, just create a sub domain for him, and use our Domain Mapping plugin to add a custom domain on that website and deliver them what they are looking for.

    PS : I personally prefer keeping my clients away from my multisite network and offer them single wp sites. The reason is if the client asks for a multisite network in future its pretty easy and a painless job to create that.

    Cheers, PC

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