To publish one site which is creating codes based on subdomain

The subdomain is unique one member can have mutiple subdomains with or without different emais (allow multupile accounts). The email is the way of contacting the admin of this unique site by a button found your page. there are multiple admins whithin that network. the page gives information about an registered blog and the oppertunity to contact anonaymously finder ot that page by name of subdomain(one member can have multiple subdomains ) If and only if the unique subdomain is searched site will be shown. the searching person can contact owner of that homepage by a 2end different kind of level(user). registering an page by form is an paid process. subdomain is an registration key. it skips payment process. the blog can only be changed if user types in activation key in search bar. after that there is no opportunity. one member can have different sites. For regular admins backend is hidden