To save time searching wpmu downloaded zip files , Small Linux utility for rename wpmu zip files


When you start to download plugins after new member and testing at local and some times you need to search plugins / themes from the folders you downloaded from wpmu from your account.

then its taking more time to figure out and in frustration we download again and again.

Here i also faced this problem, so i create this small linux utility run in terminal, specially made for wmpu files pattern.

and after using this utility , when ever you need to find the plugin in your local directory then you can just get hint with single keyboard key press with the first letter of plugin ref.

ex: m for marketpress or member but very near to result auto selected those folder and you can use that.

you have to be root or with sudo

just copy this utility in your local folder where you copied wpmu plugins

and call via terminal
sudo wpmu_rnm

it is safe will rename only after you press y for yes, and preview files list to be rename

see snap shot here..

i know lots of window and mac people
i have not tried on mac , as i do not have and not anyone gifted yet.
but hope this will work on mac also.
yes not in windows os.

If you like then please motivate me ,