Today I was playing around with Appointments+ to get

Today I was playing around with Appointments+ to get familiar with all the settings. The moment I found the capacity setting for a service made my heartbeat going faster because I thought this could be used to limit the amount of bookings for a service per day. Unfortunately it is not.

So I took a walk through the source code to see whether I could use some filter to accomplish that goal. Btw. I like your coding style guys! I discovered the function is_service_possible which sounded suitable for what I like to do. But there is no filter at all.

What many of my clients need is to limit a service per day. Lets take freelance developer for example. He needs to balance his work load to get his projects done in time and to get new customers as well. He offers potential customers a free 30 min consulting on the phone to explore ways how to accomplish what they like to do. But he cant do it all day long. Lets try to help him with Appointments+:

1. Offer phone calls from Mo to Fr.
2. Offer this free service from 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00
3. Pad each call with 15 min before and after
4. Allow calls at the full and half hour
5. Allow 2 calls per day

Points 1-4 can be easilly achieved with Appointments+. Point 5 cant - as fas as I can see.

If one would have a filter in is_service_possible to return a boolean true or false before the function finally returns the value one could write a function that checks the amount of appointments for a day and returns false if it exceeds a certain limit. Even better would be a setting like capacity for a service. However the filter would still be handy (for developers) to extend this behavior. Think about a special service offer on available 5 times per month to those who sign up first.

Lets talk about it.