Today it is only possible to exclude sites from the font page - I would also like to have an "I

This theme is "bull’s eye" for me, for the multisite. As a part of the multisite I am also trying to set up a site showing only certain sites for the org. I represent ("system owner") .
We do have a lot of areas that we would like to promote and it would be really nice to be able to use the “Network” theme for this presentation. The problem now is that every new site also pops up in this presentation…
Would really appreciate feedback if it, one way or the other, could be considered to incorporate a “include only” type of list.
Alternatively if there is another theme which “looks the same” / gives the same presentation…?
Best regards
Erik Johansen

  • Kimberly


    Hello and Thanks for visiting WPMU forums :slight_smile:

    I've done an install of the Network theme on a test site to see if I could get you an exact answer on this and I've been able to determine that you are able to limit the blogs included on the Front Page. It's not an "inclusion" list like you ask, but an "exclusion" list. I'll attach a screenshot of that exact field on the Network Theme>Advanced Options menu.

    As far as any other theme that does the same...We have a few similar:

    Blogs MU
    The Edublogs Homepage Theme

    There are plenty more dedicated to buddypress as well. You can always click Themes at the top of the page then search by keyword, like "network" and see what pops up. You can customize nearly all of our themes :slight_smile:

    Please let me know if you need anything more!



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  • ErikJ

    OK, I know that the list now is a exclude list but what I would like to see is an "include" list.
    The basic reason for this is that I would like to use the same theme for just a few of the sites on a multisite.
    Today the list, and number if sites shown on the front page, automatically expand when a new sit is added to the system. (at a given point of time I want to stop this from happening )
    I would like to have the opportunity to choose a few sites and use this fixed presentation as a static front page.

    This could perhaps be accomplished by incorporate a function to lock / stop new sites from adding to this special site?


  • Tammie

    If we did change it we'd need to cater for both maybe a switch to say 'is that include or exclude'. The way WordPress usually does it is - but that's not very usable. Neither is a long list so yes it could be considered. There are no current plans but we will consider it in the future if we can find a solution that works both for your situation and the one other users are using it with currently. We have to not just change for one user look at accommodating all.

    For your own solution you could look at modifying the function but that's perhaps something you'd be better doing with a custom development job as we can't be certain won't be overwritten when you update the theme. I never recommend or like the 'change file perms' option prefer you to get all updates as possible. This is why rather than a hack solution if we did it would be a core version.

    I can't say when but it will be considered.

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