Today we discovered that in some cases we get a blank page


Today we discovered that in some cases we get a blank page at the order process.
I mean that when the client ordering smth he enter his name, email, ect. Than he press a go on button (to get the site via WHMCS) but sometimes gets a blank page - there is only header and footer of the WP but no any WHMCS content which should be integrated by this (WP) plugin. The order is also not placed in WHMCS.

We checked activity and module logs in WHMCS - there is nothing about it. So WHMCS even did not get any information from the plugin if integration...

This happens not each time and it is difficult to get it (you mostly order a site in our system than get the blank page) but some clients get it and it is really bad - we are losing clients.

But we found another situation where the same problem appears (this situation you can catch almost each time. And as we are sure these two situations has the same base, if solve one - solve another one). It is when you put several orders in your cart (not free products) - 2 or more - and than press the empty cart link (to clean the whole cart). After pressing - you see the same blank page I described above.

Help pls.

P.S.- as we collect stats at our site I do not want everybody go there to test this. :slight_smile: I send the urls to test all of this to @Jose by e-mail.