TONS of embedded CSS in BP Daily head section....why???

Why does BP Daily use embedded CSS in the head section??? I tried both Daily and Daily Child, and while using Firebug to customize CSS, I realized that styles were being called from within the html page itself, and upon inspection of the source code discovered several hundred lines of CSS embedded right on the page. This is very undesirable and will hurt our SEO rankings.

Is there some kind of option that I checked which caused these styles to be inserted into the HTML header? Is there a way to edit a php file somewhere so that this doesn't happen? We love this theme and really want to use it, but if it comes packaged with mandatory embedded CSS then it's basically useless to us...

Here is the site in question. Not much to look at since we're just starting development on it, but please view the page source to see the cause of my concern

Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • Mason

    Hiya johnetec,

    The inline CSS you're referring to is created when you use the Custom Style from within BP Daily. It's one of the concessions you have to make when using an options page versus an actual stylesheet. That being said, there's no reason you couldn't create your own CSS file using the inline code already put together.

    Just use "View Page Source" (if in Firefox) and select everything within the style tags immediately following "<!-- start theme options sync - using php to fetch theme option are deprecated and replace with style sync -->"

    Once you have this code you can copy and paste it into your child theme's CSS file. Then you can switch to the "default" CSS and you're changes will be loaded in the CSS rather than inline.

    However, if you're not really using the Custom Styling options much, just change to the "default" CSS. The inline CSS will be gone and you can make the changes in your child's CSS file. :smiley:

    Good luck!

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