Too many 500 internal server errors! What can I do to prevent more?


I've been working hard on a site that's going to launch soon, but I've been noticing a bunch of 500 internal server errors happening lately (a few a week). I didn't enable debugging mode during development (I know...I should have) -- so I don't know what's making the errors. A simple reset of the htaccess file always brings my site back up quickly, but... I don't want this to keep happening.

I can try and enable debugging in the little time between now and launch, there anything else I could be doing in the meantime, or looking out for, to ensure this doesn't keep happening? I increased memory a while back. After launch, I really need this site to be stable.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice!

  • Milan

    Hi @Anton,

    I hope you are having a good day.( Except this issue.. :slight_smile: )

    Internal server error is not specific to WordPress, and it can happen with anything else running on your server as well. Due to the generic nature of this error, it does not tell the developer anything. Having that said, internal server error in WordPress is often caused by plugin and/or theme functions. So

    #1) Try to deactivate plugins one by one and ensure that which plugin is causing issue,
    #2) Shift to default wordpress theme and test that is it theme which was causing issue.

    Other possible causes of internal server error in WordPress that we know of are: corrupted .htaccess file and PHP memory limit. So,

    #1) Rename your old .htaccess file like .htaccess_old. ( To do so you need ftp permission ). You can find .htaccess file under your site root.
    #2) Try to reload site if this solves your problem then there were problem with your .htaccess file.

    PHP memory Limit
    #1) Increase your php memory limit. You can follow these tutorials

    Try to debug by following above steps and then let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

    Warmest Regards,

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