Too Many Steps to Checkout - How to remove steps and streamline the checkout process.

So my current checkout process is this..

1. On my pricing page there is a buy now button next to a product- that button links to the product page.
2. On the product page there is another buy now button that adds product to shopping cart and takes me to the shopping cart.
3. On the shopping cart page there is a checkout now button.
4. Shipping page- When I click on the checkout now button it takes me to the shipping page. Enter my email, and click continue checkout. Takes me to the checkout page.
5. Checkout page - I selected paypal and took me to paypal express.
6. Paypal page - had to login and click on confirm/pay button.
7. Takes me back to order confirmation page. Has all my info etc. need to click on confirm payment page.
8. Order Complete- Basic order info and has a link to track my order status

The above process is my entire checkout routine. I almost left the process just testing it and can only image how low my conversion rates will be if this was live.

How can I modify the checkout process to skip some steps and streamline this process?

I sell credit packs for appointment bookings in appointments+. That means usually a person will only be buying 1 product at a time and they do not need shipping.