Too much height space on Main Footer Area — Divi Theme

Hello. For some reason the main footer area in my entire website has too much height. This is an issue on all of the pages. Please see attached screenshots.

Can someone please give me the CSS to fix this? Please make sure the CSS will not affect the height of the other pages because I've got a lot of texts on each page that might be cut off.

As always, I look to WPMU DEV team for all my CSS needs :slight_smile: You guys get awesomer and awesomer! I've granted access.

Thank you!


  • Majid
    • Recruit

    Hi meg :slight_smile:

    I hope you are having a nice day!

    I checked the footer css and there was a code that added a height (300px) to the main footer container and about 1200px padding to the

      . I managed to remove those by adding the following css code

      html body div#et-footer-nav ul.bottom-nav {
      padding-top: 0;
      html body div#et-footer-nav {
      height: auto;

      The code is inside the additional css Appearance > customize > additional css at the bottom.

      Please take a look at the fix, and let me know if it’s looking good for you :slight_smile:



  • meg
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    Hello. Thank you. It fixed the height of the footer area in the home page, but not the MEMBERS page. There is a form in the MEMBERS page that is quite long (the EDIT PROFILE form). Because of the height of the main footer area, the dropdown menus in the bottom part of the form are not clickable. Please see attached screenshot. Could I also please have a CSS for that?

    I've granted access. Thank you!


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