Too much space between elements on all pages

Why can't I just remove all that space from my pages? All I see is padding options but it doesn't do any good. What I need is to fix the top and bottom from being too spacey. Seems there would be an easy way to do this but this is not too friendly folks.

There is space everywhere and throughout all the pages and not just in this example ok? But in this example I managed to move rules up closer to the background but using the padding. I tried the same for the space between RULES and the paragraphs just below but it is not letting me do that. Not even dragging the box to make it smaller.

Then below the book and above it as well as below where it says ?*** PLEASE READ OUR FAQ PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION ***" and again through all the pages i need to start removing all that space but your system do not allow an easy wa to do it. I don't have all day to snapshot throughout this page and the other pages to show you examples.

I see nowhere in the editor to do this.

Please note again that this is not just an isolated page problem it's on all pages but this is just one example.