Tooltips in backend

Hi Guys..
just noticed that your tooltips get cutoff by the adminbar.
you need to add "z-index: 10000;" to .tooltip in your css

-- Something else: is there a workaround to prevent losing the translations and custom templates on each update...?

Grtz, Henk

  • Kimberly


    Hi and thanks for using QPMU

    Thanks for the tip about the adminbar and I'll notify the dev on this one :slight_smile:

    You can avoid having most customizations lost during updating by simply permissioning the file 444 as read only, then the update cannot over write your customization(s).

    In some cases doing this will cause the auto update to fail, in this case you then want to FTP the update to the server which still preserves your customizations.

    In rare cases it may still be necessary to over write your customizations to get the full effect of the update.

    Thanks Again!


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