TOS didn't translate on the network

i was translate this plugin(English-> Turkish) but always english.

  • wordpresssx
    • New Recruit

    i have translated plugin in the Turkish by using the Codestyling Localization Program but the system doesnt show it.

    msgid “”

    msgstr “”

    “Project-Id-Version: Signup TOS v1.2.2n”

    “Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: n”

    “POT-Creation-Date: n”

    “PO-Revision-Date: 2013-01-25 13:38:28+0000n”

    “Last-Translator: wordpress-sx <>n”

    “Language-Team: n”

    “MIME-Version: 1.0n”

    “Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8n”

    “Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bitn”

    “Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;n”

    “X-Poedit-Language: Turkishn”

    “X-Poedit-Country: TURKEYn”

    “X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8n”

    “X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e;__ngettext:1,2;_n:1,2;__ngettext_noop:1,2;_n_noop:1,2;_c,_nc:4c,1,2;_x:1,2c;_ex:1,2c;_nx:4c,1,2;_nx_noop:4c,1,2;n”

    “X-Poedit-Basepath: n”

    “X-Poedit-Bookmarks: n”

    “X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .n”

    “X-Textdomain-Support: yes”

    #: signup-tos.php:56

    #: signup-tos.php:58

    #: signup-tos.php:61

    #@ tos

    msgid “TOS”

    msgstr “Kullanıcı SözleÅŸmesi”

    #: signup-tos.php:78

    #: signup-tos.php:96

    #@ tos

    msgid “Terms Of Service”

    msgstr “Kullanıcı SözleÅŸmesi”

    #: signup-tos.php:86

    #: signup-tos.php:99

    #@ tos

    msgid “I Agree”

    msgstr “Kabul Ediyorum”

    #: signup-tos.php:113

    #: signup-tos.php:120

    #: signup-tos.php:134

    #: signup-tos.php:141

    #@ tos

    msgid “You must agree to the TOS in order to signup.”

    msgstr “Kayıt olabilmeniz için Kullanıcı SözleÅŸmemizi kabul etmeniz gereklidir.”

    #: signup-tos.php:158

    #@ tos

    msgid “Settings Saved.”

    msgstr “Ayarlar Kaydedildi.”

    #: signup-tos.php:164

    #@ tos

    msgid “Terms of Service”

    msgstr “Kullanıcı SözleÅŸmesi”

    #: signup-tos.php:168

    #@ tos

    msgid “TOS Content: (HTML allowed)”

    msgstr “Kullanıcı SözleÅŸmesi İçeriÄŸi: (HTML kullanılabilir)”

    #: signup-tos.php:176

    #@ tos

    msgid “Save Changes”

    msgstr “DeÄŸiÅŸiklikleri Kaydet”

    #: signup-tos.php:192

    #@ wpmudev

    msgid “Please install the latest version of our free Update Notifications plugin which helps you stay up-to-date with the most stable, secure versions of WPMU DEV themes and plugins. More information »

    msgstr “”

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