Total Author Views

Hello guys. Hope you are all well.
I have a quick question and I hope you will be able to answer.
I have seen this particular plugin used multiple times on various sites, but I can't find it anywhere. It is the "Total Author Views" plugin, which allows authors to appear in the sidebar as a widget showing their total cumulative views of their articles. We are a small team and I pay my guys depending on the amount of views they are getting on their articles, and this will be a brilliant motivator and bring in new people as well.

Here is the plugin in action on a themeforest example (sorry for linking there, haha!)

As you can see, its a nice widget on the side, and I wish to know that particular plugin, as Ive seen it multiple times. If it links in with user registration and the ability for users to submit posts, that would be great too.

Any information would be appreciated. I tried to contact the developer of that theme, but he won't reply, so Im coming here!