Totally confused on Affiliates

The "documentation" for this plugin is VERY lacking - and that is being kind.

How do I set the payment amount/rate for Affiliates? Is is a percentage? A dollar amount? The "documentation" for this plugin does not say.

Many of those options are not even readily available to the user until you have an Affiliate in place - which seems pretty odd. I'd prefer to have all of this set before I invite users to sign-up.

Can I vary the payment by user? Again, I cannot find any "documentation" that speaks to this.

Do I have to use this plugin with other add-ons? Again, not clear. I'd like to use this with your Pay-Per-View plugin (to encourage my users to drive PPV usage), but again, I can find nothing that tells me whether it works with that... or how to do so.

I have generally been happy with the level of instruction provided by your plugins but this one is a grave disappointment.