Totally Stumped on Page Redirect

Hey, I am totally stumped.

So on this site:, if you hover over 22 Day Sugar Cleanse in the nav you can see the dropdown. If you click the dropdown ("22 Day Sugar Cleanse Classroom") it just redirects to the homepage.

Except if I'm logged in! Now the page is password protected. I took that off and it still happens. I made a dev site ( and disabled all the plugins - still happens.

Changed to Twenty Fourteen - DOESN'T redirect. But I can't find anything in the theme that would do this. And just for this page?

Totally lost. Even without the password protection it redirects...

On a different note, does anyone know what is up with the Wordpress 4.0 update? I run like 30 sites and ALL of them either take forever updating or totally time out. It even launched one of my sites into the white screen of death (luckily I had a backup).