Transactions Pending, not processed

I had another request in that seems to have been dropped after several days, so opening a new request. I had already granted site access as requested and then extended it with no access yet.

Here's the issue:
I have three transactions in the pending category. They are assigned full membership privileges, but paypal doesn't have record of them. Here is the error message (with name removed). They have a user account that was created.

Last transaction is pending. Reason: Customer did not register or confirm his/her email yet

I have other transactions that have worked so not sure why these are having problem? Thanks for your help!

  • dave

    Thanks Vaughn - I believe they did paypal transactions, at least that is what they are saying. There is a transaction ID but nothing ever came through to Paypal. Does that mean they didn't pay?

    When you say Registrations are disabled, do you mean the "Anyone can register" option in General? I was trying to keep out non-paying members from registering junk accounts but if that has to be on, I can enable that and just clean them up periodically.


  • Vaughan


    Yes, registrations should be enabled as users need to actually register before they checkout to paypal as they need a user ID to associate the paypal transaction ID with. This could be one of the reasons.

    Is there anything in the PP IPN logs for those transactions at all? Though the log entry in your site does seem to suggest the registration and checkout wasn't completed successfully.

    If the money was taken out of their paypal, you should definitely see this in your PP account as money doesn't just disappear & paypal requires a receiver account so they should have a log.

    Let me just ask one of my colleagues @Michelle Shull for some assistance though in case i'm missing something.


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