Transcripts or Bullet point outline PDFS for Video Tutorials


Would like to included descriptions and bullet points of what is covered in each video of integrated video. Where can I find a PDF of this or web Pages. Thanks

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    HI @PCactive,

    I'm afraid we don't have a pre-written set of descriptions for these videos. I'm afraid you will have to watch the videos and write them yourself as they apply to your viewers.

    Bear in mind, if we provided pre-written descriptions it is very likely that what we see as important details might not be require for someone else, or vice versa.


  • PCactive
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    The information does not change no matter how many videos made on the subject. How would putting text in my own word make a difference? It is a shame you guys have all of this wonderful content but want us to take the time to transcribe your videos! It would be quicker for me to just make a video my self. At least I know what is in it.

    As far as adding or subtracting the the transcripts that should be made available to us as paid members, I would if I had a transcript to edit. Very disappointed Please consider having one of your paid staff do this for the paid members who would greatly benefit from this. Please bring this to the attention of the PTB who can make this happen. Thanks
    With best regards,

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi PCactive,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    If you are familiar with WordPress then just the titles of the videos should give you an idea as to what they contain. We don't provide pre-written descriptions etc as different users have different uses for our videos. not everyone uses the videos to highlight the same points, so any description we write could easily be off-topic for any particular users purpose.

    I understand your viewpoint, you don't want to have to watch al the videos and write your own narrative, however I'm afraid the plugin does not provide an option to have pre-written descriptions etc.

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