Transfer my wordpress site to another server

Hey! Atm i'm transferring my wordpress site to another server. I have successfully transferred my main site (from --> As you can see, everything works perfectly. I did a new installation on my new server , and then I copied (wp-content) from the old to the new server, and also installed my database thru mySQL , after that I used a "settings copy plugin" to get all my plugin/theme settings at the new installation.

Then I also successfully transfered my apparel brand site from, to, it was quite simple.

But the problem is that I have two more subsites (, and The idea is that I want them also to be transfered to my new server and domain, as subdomains! (, and, but I have no clue how to do it as simple as possible. I have been searching around alot, but I can't find any tutorial on "How to move a sub-installation to a new server".

NOTE: I am not using multisite!! It is different installations, in different folders on my server. Because my host don't support "" using multisite.

I suspect that it is not that hard , but I can't do it myself..
So the question is, how do I transfer my sub-installations to my new server, and keep them sub-installations?

I can give you FTP etc, no problem. Or just simply tell me how to do! :slight_smile: tnx