Transfer to Spirit Theme - can't see my pages

Hi There,
I really like the look of your new spirit theme and convinced my client to switch to this theme in the middle of her site development.. However I cannot see any of my previously created pages on the website, they are only in the dashboard.. The menu is there however and still point to what I had setup previously, I checked the link is the right one, but once clicked, it only shows the default page for the Spirit theme.. (e.g: for the 'What We Are page' with link pointing to /about it still shows Meg's about while I have a page set with this link/menu) I understand it all works from upfront now (which is gonna take some use to, funny thing I am already transferring her site from wix, which is very upfront like..) but then there is no way to see pages created with another theme? or am I missing something? :wink:
It is for my worldpeaceproject-spirit subsite cloned from worldpeaceprojects
Thanks a lot for any info you can provide,