Transfer to Spirit Theme - can't see my pages

Hi There,
I really like the look of your new spirit theme and convinced my client to switch to this theme in the middle of her site development.. However I cannot see any of my previously created pages on the website, they are only in the dashboard.. The menu is there however and still point to what I had setup previously, I checked the link is the right one, but once clicked, it only shows the default page for the Spirit theme.. (e.g: for the 'What We Are page' with link pointing to /about it still shows Meg's about while I have a page set with this link/menu) I understand it all works from upfront now (which is gonna take some use to, funny thing I am already transferring her site from wix, which is very upfront like..) but then there is no way to see pages created with another theme? or am I missing something? :wink:
It is for my worldpeaceproject-spirit subsite cloned from worldpeaceprojects
Thanks a lot for any info you can provide,

  • Eve-Marie

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your prompt response and willing to help! :slight_smile: I hope you are doing well today as well!
    I just granted access.
    Also, after sending this message I played with the slider and I can't seem to be able to add a description... I double click, the cursor changes to "edit mode" but I can't select the text or type anything...

    Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:
    take care,

  • Eve-Marie

    Hi again,

    Just a quick update that with Firefox I am able to add the description to the slider today.. I was using Safari yesterday... However once I enter it I can't seem to select it/change it, I also wanted the first line to be a title of the slide before the description, I attempted to add html tags to customize it but they are just being printed out (slide 2) as text.. Would you have any suggestion?
    Looking forward to your insights about the pages.


  • Eve-Marie

    I know you are probably busy with that new theme but I am still stuck.. :wink:
    meanwhile I am unfortunately having more troubles.. :slight_frown: maybe I should open new threads? (I so wish the search would be theme specific, it has been harder and harder lately to find relevant support posts :wink:)
    Where is the code of the home page? I looked around and can't find it in the folders and it is not under pages... See I originally thought the menu was pointing back to the different sections in the main page so I put all my testimonials there and now ideally I would want to copy that to the testimonial page...maybe it is in the DB? Exporting a region to another page would be a pretty awesome feature actually but I am guessing thats for later....:wink: would you have any suggestions by chance or am I doomed redoing it? :wink:
    Then any suggestions on updating that theme safely? I understood it was already a child theme so I didn't make another child (can we even make a child of a child? :wink:) but then all my changes in styles.css and functions.php got lost when I updated... I looked through the spirit theme supports posts and didn't find anybody complaining about that so am I missing something obvious? (entirely possible.. :wink:)
    As usual, thanks for your time and precious help!! :slight_smile:

    NB: I really don't mind getting my hands dirty and helping debugging the spirit theme which I think can be super awesome once the little quirks are found, so if you have any developer manual or can explain to us how this works maybe we can all help make it better.. :wink: but here I find myself not even knowing where to look.. :wink:

  • Eve-Marie

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the reply.
    The site is

    But since then I redid the page I couldn't see and redid what I had done on the home page on the other page ... I have also figured out how to add my google fonts through the theme styling thanks to the blog so I do not need to modify style.css and function.php anymore.. :slight_smile:
    I do still have an issue with the slider and opened another thread about it (waiting to hear back) ...

    Take care,