Transfering a Domain from yahoo to aecnu hosting

When transferring a domain from one register to another, how long would the website be down.

We have the Domain registered with yahoo, but the domain is pointed to aecnu hosting servers and the website is complete.

Now that it is time to renew the domain we want to transfer/register it to aecnu hosting.

How long will our wordpress site be down during the transfer?

TY :slight_smile:

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    Greetings And.Hello,

    Thank you for letting us know your intentions and what you want to do.

    You can transfer registrars and when you pay to transfer it also extends the domain for one year.

    There should be absolutely no downtime since for the most part it is just an administrative action.

    However, there must be enough time remaining to effect the transfer and the originating registrar may put you through a small song and dance to get the job done.

    Thank you again for thinking of us.

    Cheers, Joe

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    Tom Eagles

    I am Casey, Mark is away for the time being. I am sorry but i thought the general threads would allowed for such topics. It not like i asked how to change my oil lol :slight_smile: << just a joke Tom don't be angry, this forum stuff is Mark's thing. I am an accountant so i am out of my element here, and just trying to help out. Give me numbers and i rock; world wide web ehh not so much. :slight_smile: I had to be told what to ask.

    Amy asked me to check on this while she went to visit mark, and i do not know the difference between our host company or support company because all the emails have WPMU in them. (Looks the same to me) I just copy and paste web addresses the usernames and passwords. I don't like it and do not plan on doing it again. So :stuck_out_tongue: lol

    Moving on,
    Amy is concerned because she transferred a domain for a client once from intuit to HG, and once the domain transfer number was entered it did not transfer, then intuit said they could not offer support because the client was no longer a client of theirs. (intuit)

    Finally HG did the transfer manually. 3 weeks later.

    The domain is due to renew on 03.25.2013 and if it takes three weeks like it did with our client then we have a huge issue.
    1. Could the domain be bought by another?
    2. Would the site be accessible if the transfer is delayed?

    Those are the questions.

    Just figured we could get some information here. Didn't mean any harm. I will suggest to Amy that only one of us do all the WPMU stuff that way you don't have to teach all of us proper etiquette. :slight_smile:

    Joe / aecnu mentioned the following,
    >>>>However, there must be enough time remaining to effect the transfer and the originating registrar may put you through a small song and dance to get the job done.<<<<

    how much time is enough time? Is there enough time to try it now, or should we renew with yahoo then transfer it later?

    ty, Sorry for the confusion.

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    Greetings Casey,

    You should renew the domain at Yahoo and then effect the transfer a month or so down the road so you folks do not miss it for the next round.

    That will extend it yet another year but it will then be out of the way and still secure with you folks owning it.

    If it is allowed to expire for a couple of weeks it goes into "redemption" in which it is then like $80 to renew - then a short time after that it will usually be available for purchase again if one of the domain name scalpers does not get it first.

    And I hate when that happens.

    Cheers, Joe

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