Transform Pro-Sites sales page

I'm sorry to say this, but in my opinion the Pro-Sites sales page is totally unacceptable!
The logic is sound, but marketing-wise it's simply not good enough.
With a bit of css, you can make it look a bit better, you can even add something on the page so that it looks a bit less-horrible. On the 1st screenshot is with some css tweaks.
the 2nd screenshot is with some added content so that it looks a bit more "complete".

However, these are just work-arounds and can only get so far.
What we need is actually a 2-step job:

On the administration side:
Add descriptions on each package AND make those description fieldable. This will allow us to add for example a field called "Number of products", "disk quota" or "Auto-submiting content to search engines". When adding a field, select if the field is a text field or a radio-buttons (with values yes, no and N/A each rendering a tick/X/dash on the frontend)

On the frontend side:
PLEASE do something better than this...
We need a markup-overhaul of this plugin. On the 3rd screenshot is what it CAN and SHOULD look like.

P.S.: I've seen too many posts in this community with people asking for the same thing for a loooooooooong time, and each time someone says "you can change the text using language files", or other things that just solve 10% of the actual problem, without ever scratching the surface.