Transition Slots, Recurring Appointments, Slot Blocking, and Multiple Service Slots

Great plugin! Unfortunately encountering some major hurdles to making it a usable product for my business.

1. Need capability to enter transition times between appointment slots (i.e. I cannot travel to my next appointment that starts immediately after my last one ended). I could build them into my time slots, but then in the booking form the client sees "Lasts (approx):" and they will think appointment times last longer than they do.

2. Variable Time Slots & Creating and Blocking specific time slots on a daily basis

My availability is not the same from one day to the next, from one service to the next. To go in and create fake appointments for all is far too time consuming!

My business day starts at 10. I have services that last 60 minutes to services that last 4 hours. It does not mean that I want my slots to be at 10, 12, 2, 4, 6, and 8 or 10,4, and 8 etc.

Need to be able to have WAY more control over time slots, global across all services and drilled down to specific services.

3. Multiple Services Issue
I have several services, but I only take one client per day across all services (no matter the duration or service). When one service is booked for the day, the rest of my time slots for that day need to be removed. For example, if a client books 8pm on Tuesday the 8th for Service #1, all my other slots for service #1 and services #2, #3, #4 and #5 need to be blocked.

4. Recurring Appointments
I have clients that see me every week on a certain day, or every month, or every other week. I need a fast way to enter this into my schedule as BOOKED so people cannot book that slot.

5. Admin Calendar View
Are you planning an Admin Calendar view instead of just a long endless list of appointments?

Thank you for your time