Translate duration field in Classifieds plugin


Previously I started another topic:

Everything got resolved in that topic. So I started a new one because I still do have a big issue on which I would realy like your help. Also as I said, I think this is a big issue that needs WPMU’s attention.

It turns out there is no easy way to translate the “duration” field inputs without defecting the plugin.

Because when you translate the values “week1”, “week 2” etc from within custompress, the plugin doesn’t work anymore. See what Arnold (Staff) said about this.

B. Unfortunately the Week is used as part of the program. You have to some how tell what “1 Week” means. This is built in to PHP

So the words have to match what the program understands.

That’s why my first suggestion was to hide the the whole duration field in all classifieds. Just untill there is a solution for this.

I tried this from CSS:

.cf-ad-info tr:nth-child(4) {
.cf-ad-info .cf-custom-block tr:nth-child(4) {

And it worked. However not in all views. Because in some other views the duration field is the third field instead of the fourth field. And when I’d also hide the third field, I’m hiding content I do need.

So it seems kind a hard to use this plugin in a non-English country. So in my opinion there should be a work-around for this available. Right?

I’m also open for hard-coding options (because I need a quick solution for my client) if you just tell me where to change what.

Here is just an idea:

When I look at the source of the “creating a classiefied page”. I see the screenshot as attached. Isn’t it some how possible to manualy just change or add a label in the Dutch language?

And if all this won’t work can you let me know in which file I can find the classified front-end views, so I can place a <div> before the duration <tr>? So I can hide the field in all views.

Again even though it’s not prefered, hard coding can be an option for me at this point since my deadline is near.. :slight_smile:

I realy realy hope you can help me with this, since the plugin isn’t completly usable for non-English websites in this form.


Kind regards,